Rainbow Collective represents all the work we do that contributes to building a supportive environment for Pasifika Rainbow community. Pasifika Rainbow is a term we use to represent the Pacific LGBTQI community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer and Intersex).  Pasfika Rainbow youth often face challenges relating to family and peers acceptance as well as lack of cultural understanding from non-Pacific.

We are fortunate that there are some other great agencies and champions supporting our Pasifika Rainbow community and we see ourselves adding to these efforts.

Under our Rainbow Collective banner we support the following efforts:



A mentoring programme developed specifically to support Fakaleiti (Tonga), Akavaine (Cook Island), Fakafifine (Niue) and Fa’afafine (Samoa) youth.  Modelled off the YWCA Future Leaders mentoring programme, we provide a young person with a Pasifika Rainbow mentor who have the experience and skill to uplift and empower the young person to make positive life choices as they navigate life. This work is a response to a needs assessment we carried out in early 2013.



Creating supportive environments also involves promoting and supporting events in the community that raise awareness of Pasifika Rainbow community.  We believe that we have a role to support and encourage Pasfika Rainbow events so the wider community can get behind them too.



Through Lotogatasi Mentoring Programme and other networks – we are able to support Pasifika Rainbow students attending High School. Where we may not have the appropriate service, we can direct schools and students to other services that may be better resourced to support.



Research specifically in the Pasifika Rainbow space has been limited. We see an opportunity to help increase and support research.  Research is an important tool that supports planning and evaluation of activities.