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TALANOA: Full disclosure without concealment​

This performance piece highlighted the taboo nature around the topic of sex, sexuality, relationships and navigating life through this technological age.

Le Vā

The team developed a moving piece for this event drawing on stories from our Pacific people highlighting the harsh realities within our community around domestic abuse.

SPARK: #KickButt (Tobacco control/Heart Foundation)

The aim was to increase the reach of these messages to Pacific youth and Pacific pregnant smokers. The team developed a production called SPARK – a performance piece where superheroes turned to the dark-side after making money through the production of cigarettes. After realising its negative impact on the health of all citizens on earth they challenge everyone to be superheroes. We can ignite change in our communities.


Kapow Programme (Year 5 – 8)

  • Module One: Respect
  • Module Two: Relationships
  • Module Three: Puberty 1 – Changes
  • Module Four: Puberty 2 – reproductive health
  • Module Five: Getting help
  • Module Six: Keeping safe online

Mates & Dates Programme (Year 9 – 13)

  • Session One: Introduction and healthy relationships
  • Session Two: Skills and consent
  • Session Three: Identity, gender and sexuality
  • Session Four: When things go wrong
  • Session Five: Keeping safe together


clearing pathways

Clearing Pathways

This resource is a collection of beautiful narratives celebrating the untold stories of parents and caregivers who have raised Rainbow Pacific children. These parents and caregivers have respectively given a special part of themselves in the hope that their testimonies will comfort and help in clearing loving pathways for other parents and families.


Silent Talanoa

Silent Talanoa is a four-part video series that captures the testimonies of Rainbow Pasifika youth living in urban Auckland.

View this heartfelt video series and a background into the development of the piece.


Rainbow Collective Modules

These modules have specifically been put together to engage our Pacific rainbow youth within the school setting. These are based on empowering young people through self-acceptance and the importance of positive support structures.

Click on the link below if you are you are interested in the modules for your students/young people.