Silent Talanoa

Silent Talanoa is a four part video series that captures the testimonies of Rainbow Pasifika youth living in urban Auckland. In this asset-based approach, the narratives will reach out and engage audiences by listening and understanding their world from being “different” from heteronormativity, relationships with family and culture, and societal attitudes and behaviour.

This beautiful piece of work builds on from a collection of events and previous information to create meaningful pathways for greater quality and equity.

To the voices that are breaking the silence we salute your bravery and we will continue to walk these pathways together.

Rainbow Collective represents all the work we do that contributes to building a supportive environment for Pasifika Rainbow community. 

Silent Talanoa is a video resource tool for educational purposes to encourage health and well-being and inclusive relationships with Rainbow Pasifika youth.

If you are a young person identifying with this community, a parent with a child who is seeking support or need someone to talk too, please do not hesitate and contact us at

Episode 1 features La’a, a young male to female transgender of Maori decent and Sam who is full Samoan and identifies as a gay male. They share their stories on struggling to be themselves growing up both at home and at school.

Episode 2 features stories from Bianca who is Maori/Cook Island and identifies as a transgender female and Katrina (Aotearoa) who identifies as a fakaleiti. Bianca shares an experience she had in school where she chose to wear the female school uniform and being chased by the deputy principal around the school grounds to take the skirt off and wear the boys shorts. Katrina talks about Tongan cultural gender roles and religion.

Episode 3 features Bianca and Katrina (Aotearoa) again talking about culture, family and love.

Episode 4 is the concluding video for the series and shows all participants from the day sharing a hashtag “#” that they came up with that represents themselves. This was a fun activity they completed with facilitators on the day of the shoot.