Talanoa Theatre

The Talanoa Theatre team produce performance pieces that highlight social and health issues known to be culturally sensitive, and package them in a safe way for audiences to reflect on.

This method of engagement is created to connect on a level that will personally resonate with them generating a response of positive change.

To date we have developed high-quality performance pieces that are strong, innovative, moving and provoking, which cannot be achieved without the hard work and dedication of our creative team.

Each individual brings a unique style and versatility in terms of different mediums or genre of music and dance, as well as the ability to identify current trends and environmental impacts of health/social issues and are solutions based.

the village collective talanoa theatre creative team


TALANOA: Full disclosure without concealment​

This performance piece highlighted the taboo nature around the topic of sex, sexuality, relationships and navigating life through this technological age.

Le Vā

The team developed a moving piece for this event drawing on stories from our Pacific people highlighting the harsh realities within our community around domestic abuse.

SPARK: #KickButt (Tobacco control/Heart Foundation)

The team developed a production called SPARK – a performance piece where superheroes turned to the dark-side after making money through the production of cigarettes. After realising its negative impact on the health of all citizens on earth they challenge everyone to be superheroes. The aim of this production was to increase the reach of these messages to Pacific youth and pregnant smokers and to ignite change in our communities.