Who We Are

Our purpose

Equipping Pasifika Youth with the knowledge and resources they need for better-informed, well-being and sexual health decisions.

The Village Collective is uniquely positioned as the only Pacific Sexual Health Service in the Auckland area, and our central objective is to equip Pacific youth, families, and communities with relevant knowledge, resources and information relating to sexual health and wellbeing.

We first started out as the Family Life Education Pasifika Trust back in 1997, as a charitable organisation that served Pacific youth and families. In 2013, the Trust rebranded to Village Collective, and developed a new logo to encompass the purpose of the organisation. The logo that you see today uses Fales (houses), with the collective of Fales representing a village.

20 years on from our humble beginnings, we are still passionate and committed to our purpose – concentrating our efforts around positively impacting the lives of our young people.

What informs the work we do?

Kaiga/Aiga Families – acknowledging the role that families play in building and nurturing young Pasifika peoples

Cultural values – connecting the values that Pasifika people are raised with the way we deliver and engage with Pasifika communities

Being relevant – understanding our audience and ensuring that we deliver age, gender and culturally relevant programmes

Evaluation – We use the R.B.A framework to assists in collecting the right information that helps construct our sessions. It also ensures that we are effective in the ways we upskill our young people. All data is collected anonymously and is only used for reporting purposes.

We work across the five streams of the Ottawa Charter to ensure best practice for health promotion:

  • Develop personal skills
  • Reorient health services
  • Strengthen community action
  • Create supportive environments
  • Build healthy public policy

Programmes and events developed by the Village Collective fall under these categories and are underpinned by our Pacific approach.

Please feel free to take a look around our website to understand more about our village, our people and our strategic plan.