Youth Fale

Our Youth Fale is proud to support the younger members of our community to ensure that they are educated on mental and sexual health, in order to prepare them for their teenage and adult years.

What we offer:


We use the KAPOW programme to connect with Primary aged students in an interactive and fun way, while incorporating two key areas of learning:

Mental Health

With mental health affecting a significant number of people in our community, teaching children from a young age about how to understand their impact on other’s mental health as well as being able to recognise abuse and harassment.


Sexual Health

While children of this age are not yet at the age of consent, KAPOW teaches personal and interpersonal skills as well as providing knowledge on sexual development to prepare them for upcoming changes in their bodies and lives.

The KAPOW programme is a combination of

Using a holistic approach, this six-module programme equips them with personal skills, knowledge and
information that will enable them to make great decisions in regard to:

  • Self-acceptance and diversity: respect for self and others
  • Healthy relationships with family and friends
  • Puberty: highlighting physical, emotion and social changes
  • Keeping safe online
  • Where to get help and support

KAPOW has been running in Auckland schools since 2016, with updates to the programme made in 2019 to reflect the changing needs of our users. This sexuality health programme aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum, 2007 – Health and Physical Education and the Arts achievement objectives. This ensures that our programme or activities are purposeful and contribute to the development of the young person/s, also assisting teaching staff in delivering their achievement objectives.

To find out more about the KAPOW programme and to see the achievement objectives, please reach out to one of our team who will happily supply you with more information.