Riki Nofo’akifolau


Riki Nofo’akifolau is a young mother of Tongan descent hailing from the villages of Ha’asini, Holopeka and Koulo, Ha’apai. She started her journey at Village Collective in 2013 coming on board as a Health Promoter with nothing but life experience and a Performing Arts background. She has played a major role in designing, developing and delivering our lesson modules and using her creativity as a tool to connect with Pacific youth. Riki believes that to support young people to make informed decisions, we need to truly understand them and for them to know that we do. In the past four years, she’s enhanced her facilitation skills, gain Public Health knowledge and qualifications but her greatest achievement is the Talanoa she’s had with young people.

Ruth Uo


Ruth Donna Uo is of Samoan descent, born in New Zealand and raised in South Auckland.

Her passion to serve the community/young people comes from a strong link to her faith in God and a solid foundation; her father – a Pastor in local church and mother a community health worker in south Auckland for several years.

Ruth completed her studies at the University of Auckland majoring in Social Science for Public Health with a background in Health Science, Health Promotion and Pacific Nutrition. She is also an experienced facilitator and programme coordinator for the trust.

Ruth has nine years’ experience in the health sector, working in Pacific and mainstream services such as the Heart Foundation with a role as Health Promotion Coordinator for the South Auckland area, and now as one of the dynamic Team Leaders for the Village Collective.

Renee Mose


Renee Mose is a proud Samoan, born and raised in Papakura. The youngest of 7 siblings is an active youth member of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa in Papakura. She has recently completed a BHSc and a PDip in Public Health from the University of Auckland. Renee is very passionate about working with our Pasifika youth and especially our Pasifika Rainbow youth. Renee is a talented individual who has created our newly formed mentoring programme named Fusion. Through this programme, we will provide weekly one on one mentoring support and group support sessions for our Pasifika Rainbow youth. As the lead for our Rainbow Youth programmes and a member of the Village Collective team, her aim is to provide safe and supportive environments for our Pasifika Rainbow youth.

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