Village Collective

For young Pasefika peoples since 1997

Equipping Pasifika Youth with the knowledge and resources they need for better-informed, well-being and sexual health decisions.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we aim to emulate this concept through our work. Village Collective focuses on giving young people the tools/skills to make decisions that will not only guide them during their adolescent years but have a flow-on effect to those they connect with.

Village Collective Logo

Our village is made up of three Fales: Rainbow, Youth and Community.

Rainbow Fale: Supporting Rainbow Pacific Youth to have the confidence to be themselves and deal with any negative influence in a positive way.

Youth Fale: Educating our young ones on mental and sexual health to prepare them for adolescence and their adult years.

Community Fale: Encouraging open conversations and promoting positive attitudes towards sexual health.

These houses represent our village, where we concentrate our efforts around positively impacting the lives of our young people. Think of it like a typical Pasifika village – everyone looking after one another to ensure the brightest possible future.