Rainbow Fale

Rainbow is a term used to represent the LGBTQI community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer and Intersex)

We also acknowledge that this term excludes our Pacific community of Fa’afafine (Samoan), Fakaleiti (Tongan), Whakawahine/takatapui/tangata ira tane (Maori), ‘Akava’ine (Cook Island) Drodrolagi (Fijian) Mahu (Hawaiian).

Pacific Rainbow youth often face challenges relating to family and peers, acceptance as well as lack of cultural understanding from non-Pacific.

Our Rainbow Fale represents all the work we do that contributes to building a supportive environment for Pasifika Rainbow community.

These are our current offerings:

Fusion Mentoring

Our mentoring programme is based on the effective youth mentoring model (ref – NZ youth mentoring network) also underpinned by Pacific principals outlined in the Fonofale model (ref – Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann)

With this as a foundation and our commitment to planning and preparation, evaluation and inclusiveness, we are able to create quality relationships with our young people. This is vital to a positive outcome.


Narratives gathered from Pacific youth we engaged highlighted the difficulty of identifying/accessing services specifically tailored for our rainbow community. They also shared the struggle of connecting with others who were going through similar situations.

Many felt a sense of isolation, coupled with the inability to identify support which often meant accessing services was not an option. Both situations have a negative impact on the well-being of our young people.

Our aim is to support our young people by keeping them connected. Connected to others like them thus building a sense of community and belonging, also connecting them to relevant services that are rainbow friendly and caters specifically to their needs.


Events are closely connected to the mentoring programme (mentees/mentors

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